Five Fabulous Bloggers!

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Five Today, I want to tell you about 5 FABULOUS blogs that I visit every single day!  I visit all of them for a variety of different reasons and inspiration.  Check them out!

Nie Nie Dialogues

Nie Nie is EXTREMELY inspirational!  She and her hubby (Mr. Nielsen) are recovering from a horrific airplane crash.  Her story and her will to live is just plain fabulous!  Her blog is also full of lots and lots of eye candy!  Lots of fun colors and style!

Under the Sycamore

Talk about MORE eye candy!  Ashley's blog is full of inspiration in her photos and decorating!  Check out her fabulous bedroom and chicken wire wall HERE.  Awesome! Also, her darling little Firecracker is recovering from a broken leg as well, and it has been inspiring to read how Ashley spent so much time in the hospital with her, yet continued to inspire all of her blog readers!

House of Smiths

Another fabulous blogger!  Shelley is HILARIOUS!  I love her posts about her adorable "chicks", and I love her style!  She has done some serious decorating!  Check out this FABULOUS photo gallery wall HERE.  I LOVE IT!

Young House Love

I absolutely love what these DIY'ers do!  They recently purchase a "new" to them home and are slowing but surely redoing it!  Check out their new patio HERE, which they finished just in time for their little bean's (Clara) FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY.  These two even DIY'd their WEDDING!  Check it out!

Tatertots and Jello

Jen @ Tatertots and Jello ALWAYS has the best ideas!  Whether it's CRAFTING, or DECORATING or RECIPES, Jen has got it covered!  Her blog is a daily does of creativity!  You MUST check her out!

Heart blog 

What do you guys think?  Do you read the blogs above?  What blogs are your must read blogs? I would love to hear!

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