{A Weekend Away}

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Hello Friends!  I can't believe we have already finished our second week of July!  The summer is flying by and I can't seem to catch up!!  I hope you had a FABULOUS Fourth of July holiday last week!

I had plans to get several items checked off my 2013 Summer Bucket List over the holiday weekend, and manged to get them done! One of the items on my bucket list was to plan a weekend away.  With the 4th falling on a Thursday this year, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a long weekend and get away! 

I had such a fabulous time at The Canyons in May when I was there for the Blend Retreat, that I decided to book a room for the weekend in Park City.  I found a great rate on a room at the Sundial Lodge, and it was beautiful!  Our room was on the top floor and had french doors that opened out on to a nice balacony with a gorgeous view of the whole resort:

Resort View
Gorgeous, right?

After checking in to the lodge, we hit up the mini golf course right at the base of the mountain with Madison and George.

 Mini Golf

It was a lot of FUN, but HOT! HOT! HOT!

The next morning Carl and I were up for a nice hike!  We hit up the Ambush Trail and had a great time!  It was so pretty and the hike was a mixture of full sun and shade, so it wasn't too hot. We did have to share the trail with mountain bikers, which was a bit sketchy at tiimes, but all good!

Ambush Trail

Discover New Hikes:  CHECK!

After relaxing in the room for a bit and a quick shower, it was time to head to the dog park!  My Mom and Brother Kevin brought up our dog Chloe, and my other Brother's dog Cooper for a visit.  They are dog sitting, and since it has been so HOT in the valley, we thought the dogs might like to enjoy the cooler temps in the canyons.  They had a great time!  Playing in the water, chasing tennis balls, other dogs, and each other!

Aren't they cuties?  Despite the huge size difference, these two are the best of friends :)  We all shared a pizza from Drafts on the lawn later that night, and just enjoyed the scenery and company. 

The next morning I was ready to check off another item from the 2013 Summer Bucket List!  Rent Bikes!

We went on a 14 mile bike ride, which included a ride in to downtown Park City, a pit stop at Starbucks (duh!) and ride back over toward the dog park.  There are so many great paved biked trails all around Park City.  I could have biked all day, if my legs hadn't been screaming at me.  Oh and my neck…which took a little bit of jarring, despite being on paved trails. We had such a great time that Carl and I are looking in to purchasing bikes sometime soon!  So much fun!

Starbucks Bikes

Bike Ride

Rent Bikes: CHECK!

The morning had beed really overcast, which was nice since it was still hot.  It was perfect weather to ride bikes, but not so great to sit by the pool! GRRRRR.  We ate lunch in our room, thanks to stopping for some groceries (Trader Joe's) on the way up the canyon.  We grabbed lots of healthy snacks and some salads, so we woulndn't have to pay an arm and a leg for lunches.  It was nice to know we had some healthy choices right at our finger tips!  Love when rooms have mini-kitchens!  The clouds cleared and we were able to spend a few relaxing hours at the pool.  Yea!

But soon enough the clouds rolled in again.  Carl enjoyed a book on the balcony, while I watched the storm move in:
Carl reading


Pretty soon it was a down pour!  I loved keeping the doors open to listen to the rain and thunder!  Summer thunderstorms are one of my favorites!

Dinner that night was at Lorenzo's in Park City.  The food was okay, but the homemade tortilla chips were FABULOUS!  I mean super FABULOUS!  It was like they were twice fried or something?!?!?!  And the salsa bar was great too.  I could have dined on chips and salsa alone, and been a happy girl!

We went back to the lodge for movies and more rain, thunder and lightening! 


I was so sad to see our trip come to and end the next morning.  We had such a great time at The Canyons!  I can't wait to do it again!  Next time I hope to be able to do the Zip Line Course and Mountain Bike on actual dirt trails!  My neck just isn't healed enough yet to try them this time!

Before heading down the canyon to grab our puppy Chloe, we stopped in for breakfast at Good Times Bistro.  I LOVE eating outside during the summer!  Even if it is on our own patio in the backyard!  So any chance I get to eat outside, I take it!

Carl chose the Belgium Waffle, and I had the Egg Scramble with onion, mushroom and avocado!  It was sooo good! 


Dine Al Fresco:  CHECK!

All in all, it was a FABULOUS holiday weekend, and I can't to do it again!

Weekend Away:  CHECK!

How was your holiday and weekend?  What did you do?  Do you have anything planned this weekend?  I'd love to hear about it! 



{Balboa Island}

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Have you ever been to Balboa Island? We hadn't.

Each time we visit California, we always try and do something, or visit something new. On previous trips we have visited Huntington Beach, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. We've also visited the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and multiple trips to the Happiest Place on Earth. We've attend an Angel's game and even eaten at The Oinkster that was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, and poolside at the Cabana Club Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hilton. We've had a great time on our visits to California.

This trip, we knew most of our time would be spent attending all of the graduation festivities. It was also a holiday weekend, so we figured the beaches would be packed on our free days of Sunday and Monday. After discussing it with the fam, we realized we just couldn't leave California without some type of visit to the beach. Plus, Uncle Kevin made Madison promise she would dip her feet in the ocean for him! T's girlfriend Stephanie is from Irvine, which is incredibly close to Balboa Island. She has spent quite a bit of time at the beach (her Dad also grew up on Balboa Island!), and suggested we spend the day there.

We did.

And we are so happy, we did.

Can you say gorgeous?

Check out these houses that are right up against the beach:


Could you imagine living here?

The flowers alone were FABULOUS!

Check out this pier/dock:

Stephanie and her parents met us at the beach with kayaks, paddle boards and the popular Cornhole game!

Madison and I, going out on the paddle board:

Madi and George coming in from a jaunt in the kayaks:

Stephanie's dad also loves to build sand castles, and he is really good at it!

He whipped that bad boy out, in no time!

Stephanie and Tyson got schooled a few times in cornhole! By their dads, and by Madi and George! They were not happy about it!

All in all, we had such an amazing time!

We loved spending time with Stephanie and her family, and appreciate all they did to make our day on Balboa Island, such a huge success!

If you've never been to Balboa Island….



You will love it!

Happy Friday Y'all!