I’m Back…..Back in the saddle…..again!


back in the saddle

I’m back!  Back in the {blogging} saddle again!  I guess it’s been long enough.  I’m not even sure why I was away from the blog for so long. I think I needed some time to just step back and remember why I started blogging back in 2005 (has it really been that long?). 

Anyway…….I’m ready to get back at it!  Hopefully, I still have a reader or two!  Smile

Tomorrow, I should have a post up regarding some Valentines Day decorations around the house.  And maybe a craft or two to finish of the week.  We’ll see.

It’s good to be back!!  Hope to hear from you!


Shutterfly Giveaway Winners!


It's time to announce the winners of the Shutterfly giveaway I hosted!

Woot woot!

The winner of the 50 Shutterfly Announcement Cards is:

Comment #2 Allison Nicole!

I will be celebrating my oldests graduation from 8th grade, my younger daughter's 1st communion & my mom's 60th b-day! So I will def. be pretty busy!

Posted by: allisonnicole | April 13, 2011 at 08:03 PM

   The winner of the Shutterfly Photo Book is:

Comment #5 Lisa!

Kailey graduates too. Can't believe it, not ready for her to leave me.

Posted by: Lisa | April 15, 2011 at 07:12 AM

I used Random.org to select the winners, but it wouldn't let me posts the widget!  Ugh!

Anyway…. CONGRATS!!!!!!

As soon as I get the coupon codes from Shutterfly, I will email each of you!

Thanks for all the comments!  Lots of fun things to celebrate!



Giveaway Extended!



Happy Saturday Everyone!

I've decided to extend my Shutterfly Giveaway until Monday, to give a few more friends a chance to enter!

If you haven't already, please check out the giveaway and enter!  All you have to do, is leave me a comment and tell me what you will be CELEBRATING!

How easy is that?

Go for it!


Light Scoop!


LIGHT SCOOP……do you have one yet?


Guess what?  I do!  Just opened her up tonight!


I can't wait to play with it and figure it out!  For those of you who don't know what it is….it is a a device that attaches to your camera's external flash, and bounces the light/flash elsewhere when you take a photo.  Sometimes it can be hard taking photos inside with low light, and using a flash.  This gives you the light of the flash – but not directly on the item you are photographing.  Clear as mud right? HA!

GO HERE to read more about it!

A few photos BEFORE I opened up my super cool Light Scoop:


Pillows, pillows and more pillows!  Waiting for the SPRING pillow covers I have been sewing!

 Piles of fabric!  Next to my sewing machine!  Colors that make me happy!

And just because….my cutie-patooties!  Cuddling in front of the fire!  PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one with a dog and cat that like to cuddle!


Thanks for stopping by!



Road Trippin’


High School softball season has begun in our neck of the woods!  We will be taking a little road trip this weekend for Madi's final high school trip to St. George and warm softball weather.  The weather is so iffy here this time of year, a tournament is always scheduled in the warmth and sunshine of Southern Utah.  Although, this weekend isn't supposed to be so warm and sunshiny!  Go figure! 🙂

In anticipation of taking my new laptop down with me, I sewed up a little laptop cover last night….only to find out it was a little snug for my 17" laptop. Ooops!  You know what they say…


Apparently, I didn't heed that advice.  Live and learn, right?  No worries, Madi's laptop is the new recipient of the laptop cover!  :)  No pics though.  Hmmm.  What was I thinking?

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!  Hope it's great!

I will be watching a lot of this:


Debbie’s Newbie Link Partay!


I'm joining in Debbiedoo's Newbie Link Party!  I'd love to gain some new followers and friends!  If you have some time, please feel free to look around my blog!  I'd love to hear from you!  And please be sure to give some love back to Debbie!  She is a fabulous blogger, who LOVES to help everyone out! 

Debbiedoo's Newbie Link Party!



Is it only me?


Is it only me that has tons of half finished projects lying around?  This is the corner of my kitchen counter right now


Two half finished projects.  On Sunday night, I decided to make some kissing balls for Valentines Day.  I picked me up some crepe paper (1 roll each of 2 different colors), with the idea of making 3 of them.  Well, that not even half finished kissing ball used up one whole role of pink crepe paper, and took about an hour.  Yikes!  No more pink crepe paper on hand, so I put it aside. 

On Monday night, I decided to make some felt heart wreaths for Valentines Day.  I had picked up 3 straw wreaths at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, and I had some red felt on hand.  Well I cut out a bajillion felt circles, surely enough to cover the heart, right?  WRONG!  And hour later and I wasn't even half done.  Too tired to cut out more red circles.  Put it aside.

Well, here it is Thursday and both projects still sit on my counter unfinished.  And you can't really see it, but in the background of the photo is my kitchen table.  Which is overflowing with fabric and notions for the Coffee Cozies and Valentines Day Towels I have been making.

PLEASE tell me I'm not alone?!?!?  Do you have unfinished crafts, projects, home improvements, just lying around waiting (every so patiently) to be finished???  Or am I really the only one? 

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the master bath remodel that is half finished!  Apparently, I have a lot to do this weekend!


Coffee Cozies, Valentines Day Dish Towels and my Etsy shop!


Happy Monday!  I have been hard at work trying to put together some items to sell on Etsy.  I have loved my new sewing machine and finding things to sew has been FUN!  Although, a definite learning experience! Here is the link that will take you to my  Etsy shop! 


And, here are the items I have for sale so far!  Nothing too fancy!  But I've had fun sewing them!  Loving the coffee cozies!  I use mine everyday at work!  Click on the photos to enlarge.





I would love to know what you think!  Be honest! :)

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