{Ice bath}

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I had my first tonight.

My son, Tyson….the college football player.  He’s had many an ice bath.

I’ve heard of them.

But I’m 47.

Why in the world would I need one?


And I took one tonight.


You can’t see the ice.

Believe me.  It is there.

Cold as HELL.

But, you know what?  It felt pretty freaking fabulous.

Once you get over the initial shock of the cold.

And my legs…..feeling great.

Well, as great as they can feel while lying in bed….

Better update tomorrow!


The End of an Era…..

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The End 


For the last 13 years, this girl of ours has been playing baseball or softball.  She started at the age of 5 playing baseball with the boys, and then started playing Bonnet Ball at the age of 6.  From then on, there was no stopping her.  After playing Bonnet Ball for a few years, she began playing "Comp" softball.  What fun times!  Some highlights:

  • Madi has played for 3 different comp teams (Sting, Sliders and Extreme), and 1 high school team (Judge Memorial Bulldogs)
  • Made countless friends, both teammates and on rival teams
  • We've taken MANY trips as a family to tournaments (Steamboat Springs, CO ~ St. George, UT ~ Las Vegas, NV ~ Portland, OR)
  • She is the ONLY Pitcher on her high school team and has never played in a JV game
  • She has usually been one of 3-4 pitchers on her comp teams, and primarily played 1st base, and occasionally 3rd base
  • Played in every Triple Crown World Series, since playing comp ball
  • Had swim parties and sleepovers with teammates
  • Played on the Sting soccer team with her softball friends
  • Pitched almost every game as a high school pitcher on the varsity team, even as a freshman
  • Played most of her sophomore high school season with a "boot" after having surgery to place a metal rod and 6 screws in her ankle
  • Countless BBQ's and dinners out after games with teammates and their families
  • Received several scholarships and offers to play college softball

BUT, after all is said and done…..Madi has decided to hang up her cleats, put away her mitt and say goodbye to the sport that has brought so much to her life.  It is time to move on to a new chapter for her now.  And while, it is bittersweet and we (the whole family) will miss seeing Madi on the softball field, we are so excited to see what is in store for her.

Thanks for all the softball memories you have given us Madi!  It has been so much fun to travel around with you and watch you play over the years! 


Pink Sting 
Early days 


Oregon 1 




A Month of Milestones

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This is a bittersweet month for me.

Lot's of different milestones for my baby girl, Madison.

She is a senior and will be graduating from high school at the end of the month.

While I am sooo happy for her and excited for her future, I am still sad that it is the end of an era. She has attended a fabulous Catholic High School  (as did Tyson), and it's sad to see our time at the high school end.

The first milestone she (we!) celebrated this past weekend, was her last Prom!

We used my brother's backyard to host a group of Madi's friends/dates and their parents for pictures. It was a lot of FUN!

Prom 2 
Cute girls 


Prom group 
It was so fun to see the kids and how excited they all were….and yet a touch sad as it was their last prom.

Next milestone?  The last softball game of Madi's career.  Should happen today, weather permitting.  This girl has played baseball/softball since she was 5, and this could be the very last game ever for her.  She has elected not to play this summer at all.  Carl and I won't know what to do with ourselves!

Thanks for letting me take a break from craftiness, to record some personal stuff, here on the old blog!

Happy Tuesday to you!