{New Rug in the House}

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Hello, hello!  Happy Tuesday!

I am super excited to finally show you the new rug I received from Rugs Direct!  I mentioned in a post HERE that I was given the opportunity to review a rug, and let you know about a fabulous sweepstakes that Rugs Direct was hosting.

The original rug I chose, was on back order until October (popular rug!), so I chose a different one.  Same colors, but a different pattern.

My rug was delivered super fast (within a week) and the quality of the rug was FABULOUS!  I love it!



It's so hard to take photos in front of a huge window!  The colors of things get skewed a bit! The photo above gives you an idea of what the rug looks like under our dining nook table.  Love it!


The photo above is more realistic as to the colors of the rug. 


 And the photo above is a closer view of the texture. 

We have some changes planned in the kitchen over the next few months, that involve painting the cabinets white, the island a dark gray and doing something with the countertops.  I think this rug will be the perfect starting point for us!  What do you think? 

Have you ever purchased a rug from Rugs Direct?  They are having a huge August Clearance Sale right now, and when you use the code AUG15X, you will receive and extra 15% off your rug.

Here are THREE reason to buy a rug from Rugs Direct (from their website):

Rugs Direct offers the largest online selection of name-brand area rugs in the nation. But if that's not enough to convince you this is the best place to shop for rugs, Rugs Direct offers three important reasons why you should always buy your area rugs from us. First, we offer truly free shipping to any address in the contiguous USA. Seriously, free shipping. So the price you see advertised is the price you pay for the rug you are buying. Next, we offer a risk-free, in-home trial on every rug we sell. If you buy a rug from Rugs Direct and decide you don't want to keep it, we'll take it back – no questions asked. The return must be made within 30 days of purchase and you are responsible for return shipping charges. Lastly, we offer a 110% price match policy. It guarantees you absolutely cannot pay more for anyting you buy from Rugs Direct. Not only will we match any price offered by any competitor – online or a local store – but we will beat it by an additional 10% of the difference. Take a look at our frequently asked questions for complete information on our price match policy and all the advantages for buying area rugs from Rugs Direct. It should be clear, you can't make a mistake when you buy rugs from the nation's leading source, Rugs Direct.

I hope you are having a FABULOUS Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by!





{It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!}

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Hello! Shocker, I know! My second week in a row posting! 😉

One of my favorite holiday traditions, is to get all of my Christmas
decorations out the day after Thanksgiving, and try and get them all up that
weekend. I rarely get all the decorations and tree(s) up in one day, but I
usually make it in two. It truly is my favorite time of year. I think there is
something magical about the twinkling lights, and I think my house never looks
better than it does at Christmas. Do you want a quick holiday tour? Well, even
if you don't want one…..you're gonna get one!

Welcome to our home!

The front porch in the daylight. At night the swag
around the door and on the railing is full of twinkling white lights. A few
years ago, I grabbed bunches (and bunches) of red and silver ornaments from
various stores for cheap, cheap, cheap! You will see a very common theme in my
decorating! The wreath on the front door was a plain silver jingle bell wreath
that I won at Bonco many years ago. Last year I broke out the glue gun and added
red and silver ornaments to glam it up a bit more. Love the way it turned out,
and so simple to do!


As you walk in the front door, the formal (?) living room is directly on the
left. This room has been many things over the years (including scrapbook/craft
room), and we never really spend any time in it, and we've never had really nice
living room furniture for the room. The only time the room really looks good, is
at Christmas. And that’s not saying much!  LOL!


This above photo is a view from the stairs looking down in to the formal
living room.  The white armoire used to be in Madison’s room.  Even though it
sits in the formal living room now, if you were to open the doors, you would
find a ton of crafting and sewing supplies. Gotta use storage where you can,


You can see our fat, cat Jax in the bottom right of this photo.  He’s rarely
around for photos!



The photo above is a “Joy to the World” card that I ordered from Katie Daisy
Love it!


This is the view going from the front door towards the breakfast nook.  The
stairs going UP to the bedrooms are to the right, as well as the stairs going
DOWN to the family room.  The kitchen is to the right of the breakfast nook. 
One of my favorite Christmas decorations has to be my dollar store wreaths in my
bay windows.  I bought them probably 10 years ago, and they have held up great. 
I love the cottage feel they add to our home.


The shelf above is usually decorated for whichever season is coming up.  I
have Santa's on the shelf for Christmas, and I will switch them out for snowmen
in January.


A close up of the Santa shelf.


More red and silver ornaments in a glass jar on the kitchen table.  Those
ornaments are everywhere!


My kitchen box window.  The JOY letters are the ones I made at Craft
and the “Merry & Bright” sign was party of the cool swag we got.


The above photo is of the stairs heading down to the recently renovated
family room.  This room recently got a new paint job, carpet, window framing and
we also painted the fireplace mantle.  Oh, and all the furniture is new….or new
to me.  Not sure if we are keeping it or if it will be going to California with
Tyson, when he moves in to a permanent place.  We will see.

Chloe’s favorite place is in front of the cozy fire!


Pillow covers purchased via P.S. I Adore


Close up of the painted fireplace mantle.  The mantle is pretty low key –
just garland and silver reindeer stocking holders.  I just wasn’t sure what to
do this year.  So much has changed with our house.  It’s like a blank slate,
and I’m not sure what to do with it.  Notice the silver and red balls on the
wreath……once again!


The tree behind the chairs is the “kids tree”.  We give Tyson and Madison an
ornament every year for Christmas (and sometimes during the year, if we have
traveled somewhere special)……those ornaments go on this tree, and is decorated
by them.  Tyson was home for Thanksgiving this year, and he and Madi decorated
the tree the night before he flew home to California.


Close up of the Kids Tree


Temporary TV/media cabinet.  Not sure what is going to happen here.  Rumor
has it that Santa is finally going to bring the Moll family into the 21st
century and bring a flat screen TV….but we will see.  Can you imagine it?  LOL! 
Something other than the monstrosity pictured above? *wink*


Trying to get a photo of both trees……

Well, that is it….so far anyway.  I hope you enjoyed the tiny glimpse in to
our Christmas home.  It’s  not much, but it’s comfy! 

Happy Monday, friends!  Have you decorated for Christmas?  If so, do you go
all out?  Or do you keep it simple?  Do you have more than one tree?  I’d love
to hear from you!

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{Tyson’s Room Re-do}

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As some of you may remember (due to my roller coaster blog posting!), Tyson went away to college about 4 years ago!  About two years after he left for college, we moved Madi into his room (sorry, slacker and no photos – believe me - it was a CUTE room!).  Then SHE graduated from high school, and decided to move out!  What? 

Wait, no worries.  Her "new" room (the bigger of the two spare rooms) became my craft room! Excuse the mess, this was right in the middle of Christmas present wrapping!

Hello, heaven on earth!

Then Tyson graduated, and moved home temporarily, but who wants to live in a tiny, purple room?


T wasn't home 12 hours and we were at Lowes picking up a gallon of paint.  I put Tyson to work in no time!

Purple room no more!


Please remember, this is the room of  recent college grad.  Hence, the shot glasses, champagne bottle, decorated cap, and laundry!


The past two years, Tyson has shared a house (The Yellow House) with two brothers:

They (parents and brothers) gave Tyson this sign for graduation:


Pretty cool, right?  They had several neon signs like this in the Yellow House.  So fitting!


I know it's not much, but the whole room only cost us the price of a gallon of paint!

And now Tyson, has a  nice comfortable place to sleep for the next few months!

Have you painted a room lately?

Done a quick fix, just to make a room "liveable"

I would love to hear!

Please share!


Mailbox Vinyl

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Happy Wednesday/Hump Day!

My hubby is having a little outpatient surgery today, to remove an umbilical hernia. It's a pretty basic surgery and things should be just fine, but I want to send out some love to him and let him know everything will be okay! And that I love him very much!

Okay, enough of life stuff. Let's get our craft on! Today, I want to share with you a quick and easy project to update those lovely mailbox numbers! You know the ones I'm talking about, right?

While there is nothing wrong with these numbers ( I know, I know….they're letters, but you know what I mean), I was looking for something a little more stylish.

I got out my Silhouette and got to work. First of all I chose a shape from the online store and downloaded it to my library. I measured my mailbox and made the label the size I needed. Next, I chose a font and inserted our house numbers into the label. Then, I printed the design on black vinyl. Super easy!




The last step was putting the vinyl on my mailbox!


{NOTE:} that is NOT my manly finger….it's my husband's! I was behind the camera!



I love how it turned out! So much better!

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Curtains it is!

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Thanks you everyone, who chimed in via this blog post and facebook, regarding my curtains dilemma!  The verdict is in, and most everyone thinks the curtains should stay.  I totally agree!  I'm loving my master bath again! 

I also want to thank Allison at House of Hepworths who featured my bath remodel HERE


and another big thanks to Emily at Decorchick! , who also featured my bath remodel HERE.  PLEASE stop on these two blogs and show them some love!  They are both very, very talented gals!  🙂


In other news……IT'S BACK!!!!!  THE PLEURISY!  Seriously, what?  Why?  Can I not ever get over this crap?!?!?!? 

Thanks for all the well wishes and love!  Y'all are the best!

The best news of the day?  It's Friday!  Woot Woot!  Enjoy your day and I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!



Curtains…..yes or no?

Decorating / Our House

Some help, please!

If you help me, I promise you won't have to suffer through anymore master bath photos! 

Curtains, yes or no? 

What do you think?

I can't decide!



I think the curtains are growing on me, but I'm just not sure!  I'd love to hear what you think!

And just for good measure……a few more photos of the bathroom, I'm in love with!   🙂




She's come a long way, baby!


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the curtains!  Pretty please?

Also, if you aren't already a follower of my blog, I'd love you to become one! :)

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Master Bath Sneak Peek #3 (or is it #4?)

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So…here we go again.  Another master bath sneak peek. I know, I know….you are wondering when (if?) we are going to finish the master bath.  I  mean this was just a mini-remodel, right?  Well progress has been made, slowly but surely!  Don't believe me?  Let's refresh your memory, shall we?  Here is the BEFORE


Purdy, isn't she?  😉

You can see our updated vanity and mirror here our new tile here and our new faucet here…all that leads me to this:

 We installed board and batten last weekend and got the tile grouted! 

Can I get a Woot Woot?

What is the plan for this weekend, you ask?  Okay, I know you didn't ask, but humor me, mkay!


 Not too bad!  Should be able to get that done this weekend, right?  Maybe? 🙂

Then I get to hang curtains and decorate! 

Oh, and move the toilet out of the bathtub (what, you don't have a toilet in your bathtub?)


And one more thing…..guess what?  It is FRIDAY!  Finally! 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Thanks for visiting!


Master Bath Sneak Peek Part 2

Our House

We finally got the tile laid on Sunday.  No grout yet….that will come tonight (fingers crossed).  You'll have to forgive my horrible photos.  It's so hard to take good photos of bathrooms!  Ugh!  So, to remind you….we started with a lovely sub floor.  After the flood of 2010, we had our oh, so lovely, vinyl ripped out by the restoration company.  We've been living with the sub floor ever since.  Nice, huh?  We repainted the vanity and framed out the mirror a few weeks ago.  Read about that HERE.  We put in the new faucet HERE , and finally got the tile down!  Phew!  I can't wait to paint next weekend, put up curtains and get to decorating! 

Still a long way to go!  But progress, is progress……Right?


Valentines Day Mantle

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I got the Valentines Day decorations up from the basement yesterday, and starting thinking about decorating a bit.  I started with the mantle.  It still needs some tweaking, and let's pretend my walls aren't green, mkay?  I'm over the green and need to paint! 🙂






Still needs some tweaking, but it's a start! 

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