Where I spend my week days……


A glimpse into the place I spend my week days…….my day job.

I work for a court reporting firm, where I handle all of the billing and invoicing of transcripts.

We recently moved into an old historic mansion, which is pretty darn cool!

A view into my world:

To the left of my computer monitor.  The essentials!  A Diet Coke, cup of coffee (with cute coffee cozie!) and carmex!  I never leave home without my carmex!  And my colorful highlighters.  I have a "thing" for colorful markers

Rubber bands 
To the right of my monitor.  Elastics.  Three different sizes and I used them all day long!  The most used items on my desk for sure.  And my pail of colorful markers.  The colors make me happy! 

I collect the letter A (for ali, duh!) and this is a small collection on my window sill.  Funny story – there is an apartment building directly to the side of our "mansion".  The second story window of the building looked directly down into my office.  Before I had blinds, everyday at about 2:30 the apartment dwellers were at the window doing their dishes.  We could look right at each other.  I always felt weird with someone staring down at my back and computer screen!


Red chari 
Love this big red leather chain the corner of my office.  I inherited it by default, as it didn't fit in any of the other offices.  Fine by me!  I LOVE it!

Fed Ex is my friend.  As is, UPS and the USPS. I send out transcripts all day long via these three, as well as a local courier!  I go through load of shipping supplies each day.

Not much else exciting to say.  It's sometimes fun to see where other spend their days!Thanks for taking a peek into my day!

Enjoy your Monday! 

Back soon with some spring inspired crafts! 




5 little things…..


That I rarely leave my house without! 



I NEVER go anywhere without my Carmex.  I have a serious addiction to this stuff!

#2.  My Phone

I love my Samsung Focus!  Keeps me connected at all times! šŸ™‚

#3.  My Wedding Ring


My fingers/hand feels naked without it!  If I forget to put it on for some reason, I usually turn around and go back home for it.  After 23 years, I'm kinda used to it!  (and no, I do not have a Tiffany wedding ring!)

#4.  My Watch

Same as the wedding ring.  I feel weird it I am not wearing my watch.  Mine does happen to be very similar to the one above.  Except it is from J. Jill.  Sometimes, I will wear a bracelet, instead of my watch.  But something needs to be on my left wrist at all times!

5.  My Purse

Something to carry around all my crap!  You know, wallet, sunglasses, coin purse, notebook, small calendar, etc.  The essentials, right? 

Now, if I had to pick ONLY one items that I couldn't leave the house without…it would have to be the Carmex!  I don't even travel throughout my house without taking my carmex with me.  That's probably some type of sickness, right?

A little glimpse into the weirdness, that is me! 
Happy Tuesday!




Friend Making Monday


I found this fun blog from Jenn @ Tatertots and Jello, and since I'm looking to meet some new blogging friends, I thought I would join in!  She has a feature called "Friend Makin' Monday"


1. Where is your cell phone? here

2. Your most significant other? Carl

3. Your hair? Brown

4. Your mother? Awesome

5. Your father? Funny

6. Your favorite? Pasta

7. Your dream last night? None

8. Your favorite drink? Diet Coke

9. Your dream/goal? self-employed

10. What room you are in? familyroom

11. Your hobby? crafting

12. Your fear? failing

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy

14. Where were you last night? bed

15. Something that you aren't? stupid

16. Muffins? occasionally

17. Wish list item? lottery šŸ™‚

18. Where you grew up? Utah

19. Last thing you did? Decorate

20. What are you wearing? Jammies

21. Your TV? Bachelor

22. Your pets? CUTE

23. Friends? yup

24. Your life? great

25. Your mood? happy

26. Missing someone? yep

27. One place that I go to over and over? facebook šŸ™‚

28. Something you want: vacation

29. Your favorite store? Target

30. Your favorite color? black

Now it's your turn to play along!




Yup, Pleurisy…..It's what I've got, and the reason for my lack of posts.  I've been sick since before Thankgiving, and I finally think I've been diagnosed correctly.  What a nightmare this has been.  But, hopefully, I am on the mend (fingers crossed, please!).  I've got some fun things planned for the next few weeks!  I ordered a bunch of material and vinyl and I have some fun Valentine crafts and projects coming soon.  As well, as the opening of my Etsy shop (fingers crossed, again)….so, please hang in there with me.  While I mend.  Stop coughing and being in pain.  Love ya!



How I spent my Saturday afternoon……


I was in heaven today.  Pure heaven.  It was my office Christmas party this afternoon….in heaven!  Actually, I spent the day here @ Akasha Spa & Salon 


having this done:


and eating a catered lunch from Normandy Cafe!  YUM!  And some good wine!  It was soooo nice and relaxing!  I love it!  Especially, after taking a tumble down the stairs a few nights ago….and being sore.  I feel so much better!  Now off to take a quick nap, before attending another Christmas party tonight!  Hope you enjoyed your Saturday, as much as I enjoyed mine!


11:00 pm Thursday night ~ What are you doing?

Chloe / Me

Me?  Well this is my view from the couch, at 11:00 pm on Thursday night


  • Watching a recorded episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Yes, I love it.  Shoot me!)
  • Enjoying a nice warm fire (notice the cat, in his usual spot RIGHT in front of the flame!)
  • Chloe sitting next to me…..waiting to pounce on the cat
  • Kids Christmas tree to my left….undecorated….until Tyson comes home from college NEXT FRIDAY (yes, I am beyond excited!)
  • Sewing supplies on the coffee table – working on some pillow covers. Will post more about that this weekend    

Nice and relaxing………can't really complain, right?                                                             











Queen for a Day

Family / Me

Yesterday, Madi and I got to be "Queen for a Day" with some other mothers and daughters at O.C. Tanner , which is a high-end jewelry store here in Salt Lake City.  Carl and I attend the school auction a few weeks ago, and purchased this Mother/Daughter date for Madi and I, and I am so glad we did! We had a great time!   We had our own private room at the store, with champagne (for the Moms) and sparkling cider and OJ for the girls, along with some FABULOUS pastries.  We got to spend 2 hours in the store chatting with friends, and trying on any of the jewlery we wanted.  It was so fun!  The girls all had a blast trying on the gorgeous engagement rings!  The one pictured below was $142,000!  It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

DSCF0170 DSCF0173  DSCF0174 DSCF0178 DSCF0180