About Ali

I’ve always felt like I was living the good life. I had a pretty wonderful childhood, was a gymnast, raced bmx bikes, married my best friend, and had two fabulous kids!  Good times!

But sometime after I became and empty nester, I began to look at life a bit differently.  I needed to stop and smell the roses, so to speak!  Take time to appreciate the good things life had to offer.

I started to get in to better shape, eat a bit cleaner, simpify and organize my life a bit more!  And…..I found doTERRA Essential Oils!  They have literally changed my life for the better.  And so I started this blog.  I’ve transitioned  my old “family” blog over here as well, so you will see lots of posts from years ago, documenting the minutia of our family life (sorry about that, but I want to keep all my blog posts together on one blog).

I hope you’ll join me on my journey to life the good life!  Living every day like it’s the last day!



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