Do you have a {JOY List}?


A {JOY List} is a list of things that bring you joy.  Things you love to do, but don’t make time for, let alone schedule in to your day.  This list might contain things/activities that don’t cost a dime, but it’s okay to include things that do cost money, if they bring you JOY.  Doing at least 3 things from your JOY List each week, can make a huge difference in the amount of JOY you feel in your life!  Taking time for ourselves, can work wonders to improve our moods, increase productivity and a sense of well-being!  I challenge you to put together a JOY List of your own!  Here are 20 items on my personal JOY List.  These things all bring me JOY on some level!


Joy List



Ali Moll

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