{Utah 27 – Stanford 21}

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Hello, Hello!  Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?  Did you have a good one??

The highlight of my weekend is the title of my post!


My beloved Utah UTES beat No. 5 Stanford on Saturday night!  I mentioned back HERE, that I LOVE this time of year!

I absolutely love college football and tailgating!

Saturday was such a beautiful day!  We’ve had a few games that were unbearably hot, and the last two games were cold and wet….so this weekend was especially nice.  It was perfect football watching weather! A gorgeous fall day, with a slight chill in the air, and the sun shining down on us!  And the game was FABULOUS!  Loved it!

Utah Standford Collage

How was your weekend?  Did you watch any football? Go to any games?

Tell me what the highlight of your weekend was!



Ali Moll

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