{Summer Bucket List}


Hello Friends! 

Happy Thursday!  One more day closer to Friday, right?!?!?

Last year I posted a Summer Bucket List of all the items/activities that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the summer.  Well, how did I do?  Let's see:

Summer bucket list update 1
It looks like I had 20 items on the list, and managed to check of 10.  50% isn't too shabby, right?

I attended the Farmer's Market, Perfected Iced Coffee, watched fireworks, took Chloe to a dog park, had a picnic at the park, planned a girls night on the patio, and made sangria.  I also attended a Bee's game (no pictures) and hosted an outdoor movie night (I have pictures somewhere!). All in all it was a great summer and I feel like we really tried to make the most of it!

This summer, my activity may be limited a bit due to my recovery from ACDF Surgery, but I've still got a FUN list of things I want to accomplish!

Now a question for you!

Do you have a Summer Bucket List?  What are you most looking forward to this Summer? 

I will post my 2013 Summer Bucket List tomorrow!

Have a great day!




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