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Hello, hello!

So, some of you may remember that I lost a little bit of weight and went on a quest to get fit.  Then again, I have been so sporadic with my blog the last year, I probably don't have any readers out there anymore!  :)  Anyway, you can read about my quest to get fit HERE.  Go ahead check it out…..at least take a look at the photo!  YIKES!  I still can't believe I posted that picture for the blog world to see! 

So, back to my quest to get fit.  I found Zumba and I fell in love with it.  And then I started GPP, along with Zumba and life was good!  Unfortunately, last November life threw me a curve ball, and I ended up having to have ACDF Surgery 3.5 weeks ago.  My activity level has dropped dramatically since getting injured back in November.  For the time being, all I am allowed to do is walk.  Either outside or on the treadmill.  I can also do the elliptical, but that's not really my thing.  I found this great app called Walkmeter, to map my walk, track my distance, and track my calories burned.  I know that it might not be perfectly accurate, but for right now, it is working for me and keeping me motivated!

My walks over the last week:


Pretty consistent, so far!  I guess I need to get walking a bit further!  Ha!  Bottom line is, I am getting out there, counting the minutes, steps, walks, etc. until I am released to get back to Zumba and GPP!

I've got a high school reunion coming up in a few months as well!  Gotta get on it!

Have you ever had an injury setback?  Had to scale back workouts, or stop working out all together?

If so, I would love to hear your story!  Maybe get some motivation from you!?!?!

Happy Tuesday!

now everyone can walk and suck at the same time


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