{Chloe’s Day Out}

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Chloes Day Out

On Sunday, I was able to cross another item off my Summer 2012 Bucket List, by taking Chloe to the dog park at Memory Grove.  Chloe absolutely LOVE IT!

In the car on the way to the park:

Chloe was so excited in the car!  She has only been to a dog park a few times, and most of them were just fenced in areas with BIG dogs.  This dog park was in a wooded park and included a large "off leash" area.  Since Chloe is so small, we weren't sure how she would do if she ran in to some big dogs!

She couldn't wait to get going!  She had the leash pulled tight, all way to the "off leash" area!



There was a large creek running along the trail that was so nice!  Chloe is generally afraid of water, so we weren't sure she would dip her feet in, or not.


She didn't seem to  mind the water at all! So refreshing!


Watching the big dogs getting washed off:


She did have a few run-ins with some big dogs that had her running in the opposite direction with the tail between her legs.  They big dogs only wanted to play, but Chloe was too nervous! 

Chloe's happy face:


I think Chloe really loved her day at the park!  Carl and I got in a nice little walk/hike as well!

Chloe's reward after the park:


Ice cold water, and a doggie bagel from Einstein Brothers.

What a great day!  I really recommend this dog park if you are in the Salt Lake Area.  The trail is large and wide (room for multiple dogs and people) and the creek running along side the trail is really nice.  The trail is mostly shaded as well, which was really nice on such a hot day. Everyone we came in contact with, was so nice and respectful of the area and the other dogs.  I think this may become a Sunday afternoon tradition!

Question for you:  Do you have a dog?  Do you regularly go to dog parks?



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  1. Joy - July 24, 2012 6:50 pm

    I have a poodle who gets to a dog park A LOT… He needs play time or I get the sad eyes

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