{Orange you glad we’re Friends?}

Crafts Me


So, I have this super cute friend named Traci, that I  met through Zumba.  She is seriously, one of the  most thoughtful girls I know!  I truly feel blessed to call her my friend!  She is the one that gave me the awesome gift bag in THIS post during HELLTH Week.

Well, Traci did it again!  After Zumba on Monday night she gave me this cute bag:


The bag was full of all this CUTE orange stuff!

An orange notepad, orange glass, orange slices, orange flower, orange vitamin water and more!  This was her take on a cute idea she saw on Pinterest!

She also included this:


Her sweet, thoughtful gift totally made my week!  Thanks so much Traci!  You are the best!

And YES, I'm glad we're friends!

Happy Wednesday y'all!