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I'm not really a huge yogurt fan. It's something about the texture, I think.

But, I've been hearing about Chobani Greek Yogurt for a while now, and decided to give it a try.


So good.

Love it!

My fave is the Blood Orange flavor

And the Pomegranate

Not only is the yogurt delicious, but the health benefits are great as well!

Fromt he Chobani website:

Chobani is a naturally good for you indulgence. We use a centuries old straining process to make it, which results in a tasty, creamy yogurt that has two times more protein than regular yogurt as well as being naturally lower in sodium and carbohydrates.Chobani also contains five types of live and active cultures including three strains of probiotics. Plus, it’s deliciously rich and creamy so it’s an ideal way to satisfy your cravings without derailing your diet.

Check them out HERE

Have you ever tried Chobani?

Do you love it?

*By the way, I am in no way getting compensated in any way by Chobani!

BUT, if they'd like to send me a case of yogurt, I'd be one happy girl!


Enjoy your day!


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