{Red Rocks}


I will be away from the blog and life for a few days.

I’ll be in Duluth, Georgia.

Cheering on my FAVORITE GYMNASTICS TEAM at the NCAA Gymnastics Championships!

I was a gymnast from the time I was six years old, until I was 18.

I loved it!

That’s me with my high school team (second from right) Yikes!

Anyway, my friend Arriann and I have been season ticket holders for the University of Utah Red Rocks for 30 years!

Back when we didn’t have kids, and when we did have kids, but they were young –

We used to travel to Nationals every year.

Utah Gymnastics has a HUGE following.

I think they are record holders for the most fans attending meets.


Fast forward to Tyson’s freshman year of college

He comes home for Christmas break and gets together with his friends attending the University of Utah

And they are all friends with the gymnasts!

I love it!

So over the next four years (what? Tyson is graduating from college in a month?) we got to know most of the

Gymnasts (and their families) personally.

It’s been so much fun!

So, this year I decided to make the trip to Georgia to cheer my girls on!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure I will be posting updates!

In the meantime…..


Let’s do this!


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