{Mission: Organization}

Before & After Organization

I have a drawer.

A kitchen drawer.

I bet you might have one too.

I'm embarrassed of this drawer.

She (?) is a catch-all for every utensil I own.

And it is beyond out of control.

Wanna see her?

Yeah, I figured you did…..Why do we like to see other's crap and disorganization so much?

Pretty crazy, huh?

A big ol' mess!

Um, how many spatulas does a person need? And see those utensils that clip into a mixer type thing?

I don't even have that mixer thing anymore. Why do I have the utensils?

Serving spoon heaven, right? And I see a few items that I'm not even sure what they are!
I'm pretty sure they came from my wedding – 24 YEARS AGO! Yikes!

Hmmmm, wine openers? And holy cheese knives!

*NOTE: the Carmex was not in the junk drawer! But, if you know me at all, you know it's not far from my side

At all times.

Can you say ADDICTED?

Are you ready to see a nice, tidy drawer?

It's she purdy?

I love it!

And it only took about 20 minutes!

Oh and those cheese knives?

Who has this many?

And why?

Do I need this many?

Wait don't answer that!

What small area in your home have you organized that made you happy?

Even though it was a small area?


One thought on “{Mission: Organization}”

  1. Jean - April 2, 2012 9:16 am

    Too funny! We are all the same! I cleaned out my “cups/glasses cabinet yesterday. I found so many that I have never ever used..Plastic ones from sporting events..why keep them??? Its a great feeling to have it cleaned though, isnt it!! xoxo


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