{Brownie Cupcakes}

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Have you ever made Brownie Cupcakes?

Have you ever even heard of Brownie Cupcakes?

I hadn't, but I figured there must be something out there like Brownie Cupcakes

I hate making cupcakes and having the middle soft and lovely, but the sides crusty and hard

Why does that happen?

Is it just me?

Please tell me no……


I had a box of brownies, but didn't want to make brownies or cookies

So I searched for a brownie cupcake recipe

I found this recipe

I didn't make the peanut butter frosting though

I'm more of a cream cheese gal, but I do love me some peanut butter

I packaged these bad boys up individually and took them to Zumba

To share

With my Zumba peeps

The verdict?


Happy Wednesday

Hump Day

It's bright and sunny in my neck of the woods!

How 'bout yours?

Enjoy your day and THANKS…..

For stopping by!


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