Two Simple but {DELISH} Appetizers

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So……..did you have a great Valentines Day? Romantic dinner? Movie night? Delivering Valentines to friends and family with the kids? Whatever you did, I hope it was great! We spent time at home together, and then Carl went to the gym for his racquetball league, and I went to Zumba! Then we met back up at home to spend more time together! It’s the first year with no kids at home……so weird! But, we had a great night regardless!

A few weeks ago (has it really been that long?) we were invited to a Super Bowl party with some friends. Now, if you know me at all (who’s even reading this blog? Is there anyone really out there?)….then you know I absolutely LOVE appetizers. Love them. Like, I can graze on apps all night long and give up an entrée and dessert for more apps! Love everything about them. I decided to take two different appetizers to the party. A “bad” (i.e. fattening) appetizer and a “good” (i.e. healthy) appetizer! Nice, huh?

I went to my VERY FAVORITE inspiration site to get some ideas…..what site is that, you ask? Why pinterest of course! Do you pinterest? If not, why not? It is the most awesome thing evah! I promise you! And if you don’t pinterest, and want an invite……please email me! I’ll send you one!

Okay, so I have rambled and rambled long enough. Here they are:

THE GOOD ~ Caprese Skewers

Iowa Girl Eats

THE BAD ~ Sideline Smokies

Sideline Smokies
Betty Crocker

O.M.G. Seriously…..both of them were delish! The Caprese Skewers were so light and crisp! The basil added the perfect blend of flavors with the tomatoes and mozzarella….drizzles with the warm balsamic vinegar!! And the Sideline Smokies? Oh my. A little bit of pure pork heaven is what they are. Seriously……soooooo good, and soooooo bad for you. But they kinda cancel each other out, right? Yeah, I know…..they don’t. But, a girl can hope, right?

Here are pics of my appetizers…….not nearly as appetizing at the pics above, right? But, I promise….they taste just as YUMMY!





Go ahead and give them a try! You will LOVE them, I promise!


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