Road Trippin’


High School softball season has begun in our neck of the woods!  We will be taking a little road trip this weekend for Madi's final high school trip to St. George and warm softball weather.  The weather is so iffy here this time of year, a tournament is always scheduled in the warmth and sunshine of Southern Utah.  Although, this weekend isn't supposed to be so warm and sunshiny!  Go figure! 🙂

In anticipation of taking my new laptop down with me, I sewed up a little laptop cover last night….only to find out it was a little snug for my 17" laptop. Ooops!  You know what they say…


Apparently, I didn't heed that advice.  Live and learn, right?  No worries, Madi's laptop is the new recipient of the laptop cover!  :)  No pics though.  Hmmm.  What was I thinking?

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!  Hope it's great!

I will be watching a lot of this:


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