New Laptop!


New laptop ordered…..check!  Finally!  Ordered a new laptop last night to replace our fried laptop from the flood of 2010.  Ugh!  Fun times!  We have a desktop computer (which Carl mostly uses) and Madi and Tyson both have laptops, so it seems we had a plethora of computers to choose from at home, right?  Well, I was primarily using Tyson's, but he decided to go back to college and take the laptop (what? he needs a laptop at college?  What about his momma?) with him, so I started using Madi's laptop in between her facebook homework, while Carl used the desktop.  Well, Madi's laptop decided to crash due to a kazillion virus' on it.  So, her laptop is off being repaired, and we all have to share the ancient dinosaur desktop computer, which is a pain joy!  So, my lack of posts and etsy shop updates, and crafts are now explained, right?  ;)  Back soon with some crafty goodness! 

Happy Wednesday!


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