New pillows for the New Year!

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I had big plans for today.  Big plans.  It's New Year's Day…….the day I like to take down the xmas decorations.  But, I love having the house decorated for xmas.  Love it.  Love the lights througout my house.  It feels festive.  So, I didn't take anything down.  Stayed in my jammies all day.  Watched football.  Puttered around. Cooked a bit.  Spent time with my fam.  It was all good.  Decided to make some new pillows for my couch.  New pillows for the New Year.  Sure, sounds like a plan.  :)  I was wandering the ailes of Tar-jay the other night….not looking for anything in particular.  Just looking.  Waiting for something to catch my eye.  Checked out the place mats…..and what do you know?  They caught my eye.  A few of them:


I loved the colors.  Threw 4 of them into my cart.  Took a trip down the christmas sale aisle.  Saw this:


Glimmer snow?  75% off?  Like a buck a bag?  Bought 5 bags, to stuff 4 place mats to use as decorative pillows.  Brilliant, right?  I didn't really pay attention to the word "Glimmer" on the package.  This is what my floor looked like after stuffing 1/2 of a pillow:


Glimmer everywhere!  Nice!  Oh well, carry on, right!?!?!?

Finished pillow:


Lub it!  A new look for the New Year!  I finished two, and will finish the other two tomorrow.  More pics then!  In the meantime…..Happy New Year!  Wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy, and productive 2011!

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2 thoughts on “New pillows for the New Year!”

  1. Linda Burt - January 5, 2011 10:49 am

    Good job my sparkly friend! You are an amazing, talented, tender friend!

  2. kristin - January 5, 2011 4:36 pm

    I love it!!!!! Thanks for linking up!


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