My very first turkey!

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So, I cooked my very first turkey on Sunday.  My very first.  I'm thirty forty some odd years old, and I have NEVER cooked a turkey before.  Kinda crazy, huh?  We always go to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, and she is superwoman, and cooks every year.  She always cooks a fabulous spread and does it all herself.  Hard to live up to that!

Carl got a turkey Christmas bonus this year, and with college boy home for the holidays on Friday night, I decided to have my whole family up for dinner on Sunday and cook my very first turkey.  What?  Invite the fam over for my first try at a turkey?  Yup, crazy.  BUT, it was fine.  Really easier than I expected.  I'm not sure how it tasted, but hey…..I cooked it right?!?!?!?  And with all the drama of the flood and the house being torn up… was a nice diversion.  I think I may cook one again soon…..well, maybe next year when Carl gets his turkey bonus ;) 


2 thoughts on “My very first turkey!”

  1. Christina - December 23, 2010 1:39 pm

    I’m sure it was awesome, good job trying something new!

  2. Jean - December 28, 2010 7:22 am

    it looks delish!! Secret: I’ve only made 1 in my life too!!
    Hope you had a great holiday weekend


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