More Dollar Spot/Glue gun Love!


I had to hit Target after work today……I was in need of cough medicine.  I have a seriously BAD cough.  And it's not getting any better! Ugh, make it stop!  Anyhoo….I did a swing by the dollar spot (again!)  and grabbed some more ornaments.  Apparantly, there has been a run on dollar spot ornies, because there were hardly any red/silver left (what????).  No worries, I grabbed a few cheap (more than $1 though) pkgs in the xmas section, got home and got the glue gun heatin'!  I had a faux pine wreath that I have used for several years above the fireplace, and decided to rip it apart and glue on some more silver/red ornies.  Not 100% satisfied, but that's okay.  My mantle is coming along but missing oh, so much.  Would love to link it to Layla's Mantel Party ,  but it's just not ready for that level! :)  I promised myself I would blog everyday, so this is what you get today.  My mantel!  Ha!


I has some left over ornies….so I put them in some vases….not sure where I am going to put them yet.  Right now they are on my coffee table with my CUTE coasters that my friend Pam made!  Love 'em!  


 Is your mantel decorated?  Traditional colors?  Or really cool "in" colors like Centsational Girl , The Nester or Mandi @ Vintage Revivals ?  Happy Thursday!



One thought on “More Dollar Spot/Glue gun Love!”

  1. Pam - December 2, 2010 1:53 pm

    Very nice! You inspired me to add greenery, lights and ornaments to my mantel too. Keep posting these tutorials and I’ll copy your whole house! 🙂


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