Winter Formal 2009


Last weekend was the  JMCHS Winter Formal @ the 23rd Floor in the Wells Fargo Center, in downtown Salt Lake City.  The planning for this dance began in early December with Madi and her friends deciding on which boys to ask, since this was a girl’s choice dance, who would be in their group, where to eat and what to wear!  It is so much more exhausting and time consuming with a girl!  Haha!  Madi asked a boy that I *think* she has had her eye on for sometime….Kelton.  Her friend asked a boy named Stevie.  This is how they asked them to the dance:

December 002

They were called down to the Dean’s office (Kelton is the son of a former Dean of the school – and I heard he was visibly worried he was in big trouble!) where they were give this sign, and told to search the school for their date.  Madi and her friend Melissa were wearing shirt’s the color of their boy’s name on the sign (did that make sense?).  It was kind of cute.  Anyway, the dance was last weekend, and ever since Madi asked Kelton, they had been planning and coordinating their outfits around Kelton’s pair of PURPLE NIKES!! Haha!  Soooo funny!  Madi was all set to wear PURPLE NIKES with her dress!  I finally got her to wear heels at least when she picked up Kelton and had pictures taken with their group at her friend Caitlin’s house.  She obliged!  But the minute the photos were done and the limo was there to pick up the group, the heels came off and the PURPLE NIKES went on.  I was actually surprised at how cute they actually looked with the dress!

n577453960_1279387_6055 n577453960_1279396_8637

With the heels…..and then with the PURPLE NIKES.  They look pretty cute, huh?


The Girls!


Cute Couple!

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Madi had a GREAT time at the dance!  I’m soooo glad!  I can’t wait to see the actual pictures they took at the dance.  Their “pose” was all about the shoes!


5 thoughts on “Winter Formal 2009”

  1. Melissa Caligiuri - January 17, 2009 7:10 am

    Such a cute story 🙂 – love the purple Nikes!!

  2. marlo - January 17, 2009 11:03 pm

    Love the photos. I have to agree, the PURPLE NIKES look cute with the dress. What is up with PURPLE? That is James’s favorite color.

  3. marlo - January 17, 2009 11:04 pm

    Love the pics. The purple nikes look cute! What is with purple? That is James’s favorite color.

  4. Angie - January 21, 2009 10:46 am

    You’re right the nikes look great with the dress. They make a very cute couple!

  5. shauna - January 30, 2009 1:43 pm

    look at all of those pretty girls!! wow!! madi looks like a rockstar!!!! 🙂 love the purple nikes btw. did you know my husband and his whole wedding party wore nike hightops with their tuxes in our wedding??? check it out on my blog! look under “happily ever after” in july of 08!! i love that they did that!!! xoxoxox


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