Salt Lake City, UTAH to Murfreesboro, TENNESSEE


Tyson left on Sunday morning for a week long trip to Tennessee.  His friend Matt moved back to Tennessee right after graduation this past spring.  His Dad still commutes out of Salt Lake for work, but their home is now in Murfreesboro, TN.  Matt was back for a visit this past week, and needed to drive his truck back home.  So…..Tyson is going with him… help share the driving, etc.  They are taking their drive slow, and stopping for some MLB games along the way.  They drove to Denver on Sunday and met up with Matt’s dad who was there on business.  They spent Monday hanging out in Denver, working out, EATING, resting up the the long drive today, etc.  They went to the Colorado Rockies game last night and had a GREAT time!  Today they left bright and early for Kansas City, MO.  It’s about a 9 -10 hour drive, and they want to get there early enough to make the Kansas City Royals game tonight.  As of about 20  minutes ago, they are in Colby, KS.  Fun times!  Here is today’s leg of the journey:

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One thought on “Salt Lake City, UTAH to Murfreesboro, TENNESSEE”

  1. shauna - August 5, 2008 2:40 pm

    sounds like a great roadtrip! my dh always has wanted to go to all of the different golf courses, going to different ballparks would be fun too! what a great experience and a fun, independent thing to do before staring college!
    hey, our murray hill (our neighborhood) little league team is representing oregon in san bernadino calif at regionals. i think they are u12. several of our neighbors are on the team. they are playing in the semi finals this week~ hopefully they’ll make it to the world series and represent!


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