Triple Crown World Series


Each year, the fast pitch softball Triple Crown World Series is held in Park City, Utah.  We are lucky enough that we don’t have to travel far to participate in the world series tournament.  We spent most of last week driving back and forth from Park City, for all of Madi’s softball games……up and down the canyon…..up and down the canyon! LOL!  This year’s team had very high expectations to do well in the tournament.  There are teams participating from all over the United States (New York to Florida to New Mexico to California), a total of 38 teams in the A Bracket.  After two days of pool play, Madi’s team (Utah Slilders) ended up the 5th seed (out of 38 teams!) going into tournament play.  Unfortunately, they lost the very first tournament game!  Ugh!  They aren’t the best “morning team”, and didn’t quite wake up until it was a tad too late!  LOL!  The tournament is a double elimination tournament, so they were still in the tournament, they just had to drop to the one loss bracket.  They won their next game pretty handily, and had their 3rd game of the day almost in the bag….however, one bad inning put them right out of the tournament.  So disappointing for the girls!  They had a great time though, and had lots of fun!  The ended up finishing 11th overall.  Still not too bad!  Maybe next year!

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3 thoughts on “Triple Crown World Series”

  1. Paris - July 27, 2008 10:48 am

    Congrats to Madi and her team! Sorry things didn’t go as well as hoped, but 11th is a huge accomplishment for such a huge tournament. Just love the pic of Madi with the cute red bow 🙂 We can totally relate to your “not a morning team” comment 😉

  2. shauna - July 27, 2008 11:01 am

    well it’s an accomplishment just getting that far! congrats on that!
    i know how time consuming those tournies are! but you wouldn’t miss them for the world, would ya? all that driving and early mornings! fun stuff!
    really cute photos. madi is adorable with that red bow. wish my daughter would wear stuff like that! maybe when she gets older. a girl can wish!

  3. marlo knox - August 2, 2008 10:57 am

    Congrats to Madi for coming this far with her team. Love the pics.


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