MIA Again!


I’ve been such a slacker!  What is up with that!  I’ve had a lot of fun stuff to blog about too!  Just no time these days!  Judge Memorial High School Annual Dance Concert was held weekend before last.  Tyson was once again a part of the production.  He was in the lifting piece, which was very, very cool (I need to try and get some photos). The music was U2 (not sure of the song), and the piece this year was more athletic, with a lot more lifts.  No wonder Tyson was coming home from baseball practice and dance concert rehearsal, absolutely exhausted!  He was also in “couples” again, with the same partner as last year.  This year they danced to Hairspray, and it was HILARIOUS!  Oh my gosh!  So funny!  They threw in a little Soulja Boy to the mix, and it was awesome.  Tyson definitely stole the show.  I swear, if he weren’t an athlete….he’d be a dancer!  LOL!  Love it!  I’ll post some photos over the weekend!

The weather has been wreaking havoc with the softball and baseball games this year.  Absolutely crazy!  Tyson had a double header last week that alternated between sunshine and snow.  We actually had two snow delays and the temperature had to be below freezing.  And then the sun would shine.  Spring baseball in Utah!  Tyson has been luckier than Madi.  She has had a lot of rain outs, which is driving her crazy.  She wants to get out there and PLAY!  I’ve got a great video to share over the weekend too.  Miss Madi making an awesome double play in a big game against a 5A powerhouse! Stay tuned for that!

What else?  Oh yeah, the big college announcement.  Hmmm…..I dunno.  That might deserve it’s own post.  Yeah, I think so. 

You’ll have to wait!  Not that anyone is still out there reading anyway! I’m such a slacker with my updates!  Actually, Tyson needs to let the football coach know about his decision first.  He’s talked to the baseball coach, but still hasn’t notified the football coach.  He’ll do that tomorrow, and I’ll post his college choice tomorrow night.  HINT:  He won’t be staying in Utah.  BUT, I’ll probably get to see some of my TCC friends more over the next 4 years!


5 thoughts on “MIA Again!”

  1. Lisa - April 17, 2008 7:16 am

    oh thank goodness you posted, I was beginning to worry. We are having the same weather as you. Monday it was almost 70 degrees, then the next two days we had snow and wind. Makes for cold ball practices. I’m guessing Tyson is headed to California, how exciting. Thanks for posting, gotta have my Ali fix. :o) Lisa

  2. Angie - April 17, 2008 11:09 am

    Just so you know I’m still reading! I’m guessing somewhere in Cali. ????
    I’ve received 2 Utah calls and got so excited, thinking it was you…turned out to be telemarketing. So bummed.

  3. Shauna - April 21, 2008 12:04 am

    so where’s tyson heading? my old alma mater???????? i’m dying to know!!! stop slacking and dish!!! 😉
    wow, you must be so proud of your kids. life sounds so exciting and fun. there’s nothing i like better than being a sideline mom, whether it’s dance, or sports! i hope i see my kids play/dance in high school!
    way to go molls!

  4. marlo - April 22, 2008 11:02 pm

    WhooooHoooo!! I’m guessing it’s Cali! Yeah baby! I’ve got an extra room, you can bunk here anytime.
    Love all the high school highlights. Seems like forever since Val was in school. Now I have to wait another 2 years for James. I love living the high school years through you.
    Hugs….and hey, I still check your blog all the time. I look forward to all the updates.

  5. Jean - April 24, 2008 6:00 am

    okay, i’m waiting!!! I’m guessing its not Mass!!!LOL
    Cali is my guess too!!!


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