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Last Sunday morning, I dropped Tyson off at school to board a bus with 26 other students, heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for Teton Science School.  He will be there for a whole week, learning about all kinds of cool science stuff, while cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and having an awesome time.  At least that is what I am told will be happening!  LOL!  All cell phones and electronic equipment (iPods, etc) were taken away when they arrived, so I have not had any contact with Tyson AT ALL since Sunday afternoon when he sent me a text telling me they had arrive in Jackson Hole, and it was awesome.  Tyson is with all of his best guy friends, and their chaperon is their Sports Medicine teacher at school, who is also a Park Ranger in the Grand Teton’s during the summer months.  They  have created a blog that is updated everyday with brief descriptions of their daily activities and photos as well.  As of yesterday afternoon, Tyson hadn’t made it into a single photo and he hadn’t written on the blog yet, so I was getting worried!  Ü  Finally, late last night there was a photo of my cute boy!  It has been the weirdest thing, to not have any contact with him for this long!!!!  He’s obviously been away from home before, and for extended period of time, but he could at least check in with a phone call or a text message!  This had been hard!  It has been weird not having him at home, and I know it has been really weird for Madi.  She and Tyson have gotten so close this year, and she told me last night that it’s hard not seeing him everyday at school!  I know Tyson is having an amazing experience, and it’s something he will remember for a long, long time!  Here is Tyson “compiling data” at Teton Science School

Tyson Teton


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  1. Shauna - February 15, 2008 6:31 pm

    what a very cool cool experience! that’s so cute that madi misses him. he looks so grown up in the photo and so darn cute!! i heard her checked out ucla. what did you guys think? glad you are back among the blogging again! missed you!


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