After Christmas Blahs……


Do you get ’em?  I do, sometimes.  I’m not sure if it’s because I had to work the day after Christmas, or if it was because Carl had to work too…..not sure.  I just have the blahs today.  It is Friday night….a 4 day weekend ahead, and I’m just sitting here chilling by myself.  Tyson is out with friends, Madi is on her way to a sleepover, Carl is driving her, and I am here drinking a glass of wine, flipping through tv channels.  BORING.  I think Cheyenne feels the same way…here she is asleep on the couch opposite me…on a blankie:


My view from the coach….the mantle, with stocking all skeewompus (sp)…..Kinda like I feel….all skeewompus!


TGIF, right! Have a wonderful weekend!


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