Christmas Shopping! Finally!


Would you believe that as of last Saturday, December 15th, I had not bought one gift!  Yes, you read that right…..I HAD NOT BOUGHT ONE GIFT!  LOL!  Carl and I headed out to the mall (nightmare) on Saturday afternoon and put a good dent into the shopping list.  Christmas shopping was a lot easier this year due to Madi’s great idea!  She went online to all of her favorite stores and cut and pasted all the items she wanted….she put it all in a word document that we were able to print off and take to the stores with us.  It was seriously so cool!  And made shopping much easier!  I can’t tell you what we bought (the kids read the blog), but I can give some hints!  These are the stores we shopped at:

Aeropostale American_eagle Pac_sunFoot_locker Victorias_secret Target  Macys


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