The Last Team Dinner


Last night was the LAST team dinner for the football team………that I will be a part of.  For the last four years,  I have spent pretty much every Monday night in the Judge Memorial Catholic High School cafeteria, preparing and serving team dinner.  As a parent of a football player, you are asked to volunteer to help with team dinner at least once during the season.  Freshmen year, I was on "pick up carpool" duty for Tyson and his 2 friends, Jordan and Joe….so I usually stopped in to see if I could help at most all of the dinners.  Sophomore year, I was asked to help out with table decorations, in addition to the dinners I volunteered for.  Junior and Senior year, I was in charge of table decorations for all the dinners.  I cannot tell you what a joy it is to volunteer for team dinners.  The boys are fed the best food, and they are soooooo thankful and polite. Besides playing  in the championship game this Friday night, I think being part of team dinners is one of my very best memories over the last 4 years of football. I have enjoyed every Monday night!  Just an awesome experience.  This year, we have had more team dinners than ever before, due to our success in the post season.  We had our last team dinner last night, and the boys were lucky enough to have two former coaches of Judge Memorial Bulldogs speak to them.  They have 6 championships between them, and they had some great words of wisdome for the boys.  I am so proud to have been a part of this football program, and SO PROUD of these boys!  Love them!  This picture is of Tyson (middle) and his friends Joe (L) and Jordan (R).  They have been playing football together since they were 8 years old!  I can’t beleive we are here……..SENIOR YEAR, and playing for the state championship!  What a ride!!!  GO BULLDOGS!  Bring it home!  ****Oh, and part of the playoff tradition at Judge Memorial….NO SHAVING!  LOL!  Yikes!



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