Friday night football!



Our first home game is tonight!  We built a new football stadium last year, and didn’t get to play on our home field until midway through the season.  And even then, it wasn’t really complete.  The seatiing in the stands wasn’t complete, there was dirt and fencing around everything, the press box wasn’t done….and on and on.  BUT, now it is complete!  And tonight will be the first real home game!  We are getting together with a bunch of families to tailgate before the game.  Should be lots of fun!

Both kids have survived their 2nd week of school.  Madi is loving every minute of it!  Well, except for typical friend drama that usually accompanies high school girls!  She hasn’t been asked to the Homecoming Dance yet, but it is still early.  I know she has her fingers crossed though!  TGIF!



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