Monday, Monday


Here we are again….yet another Monday!  The second Monday that the kids have been back in school.  Both seemed to have survived the week.  Of course, for Tyson it is not new….just the same as last year!  Except he is a senior now.  Madi on the other hand, has been full of new and exciting information all week!  Her social life has definitely picked up!  All the cute boys and new friends…..she is lovin’ it!  And so far, she seems to be doing fine with all of her classes and teachers.  Keep those fingers crossed!

No football last week.  It was very weird!  Both the freshmen and JV teams played, but Varsity had a bye week.  I missed it!  ÜÜ   We play Woods Cross this week, which is a team that is in the area that we live in, so we know quite a few of the players.  Should be fun!

I picked up a new book on a whim at Barnes & Noble last week.  We stopped by to pick up a book for Madi and I saw a book that has had everyone I know talking about it.  So, I grabbed it.  And, I literally couldn’t put it down!  I loved this book, and I’m not even sure why!  It is not a subject that I would normally read (vampires)….but I was hooked from page one!  Have you read it yet?


If you have read it, let me know what you think!  I just picked up the next book:


Here is the author’s website

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday”

  1. Melissa Caligiuri - August 28, 2007 4:34 am

    Ali – I haven’t read the books, but have heard a lot about them. They are said to be the next Harry Potter’s.

  2. Sue - August 28, 2007 5:46 pm

    i’m glad the younglings are liking school so far… the kids don’t go back here until next thursday.
    i’ve not heard of those books… of course, i haven’t read a non-Star Wars book in over a year! glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Jessica - October 7, 2007 6:42 am

    hey allison! these are thee best books EVER!! =] have you read the 3rd one yet? it is really good.
    i love you!!


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