Movie Night


It’s been a while since I have blogged….busy, busy, busy!  Baseball, softball and more baseball and softball!  It’s our life….but we love it!

My brothers and I have been talking for years about hosting outdoor movie nights at my parent’s house.  They have an AWESOME backyard, perfect for any kind of entertaining.  Finally, we got our acts together and had MOVIE NIGHT.  We hung two large white sheets from a group of pine trees in the yard, set up the LCD Projector and surround sound (Yes, surround sound!), popped popcorn and watched a movie.  It worked out perfect!  The screen was HUGE and the weather was perfect.  Maybe even a tad too warm.  We are in the middle of a heat wave here in Utah.  By the time we began the movie at 10:00 pm, I think it was still over 80 degrees!  Here are some photos….a bit blurry for some reason, but you get the general idea!

Dsc00596 Dsc00597

Happy Wednesday!  Which, by the way….feels like another Monday, since we were off work (for Pioneer Day) yesterday! 


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  1. laura - July 25, 2007 11:46 pm

    hey gorgeous! just wanted to stop by and say HI! love the movie set up – that is too cool! looks like y’all are having a great summer. i can’t believe how grown up your kids are!
    miss you! love you!!


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