Some MAD DOG Love!


Let me introduce you to someone……MAD DOG a.k.a. Madison! 


I know you already know her, as she is no stranger to my blog….BUT, you mostly know her as Madison or Madi…..not MAD DOG!  Madi started playing Bonnet Ball (girl’s softball) when she was about 7 years old.  She made the 8 and under All Star Team that year, even thought she was only 7.  She played "rec" softball for a few years, until a "comp" team was formed with the girls she played with….I think she was around 10 at the time.  Somewhere along the line, Madi’s coaches and teammates started calling her "Madi McGuire", after major leaguer Mark McGuire because Madi always wore #25 (like Mark) and because she also played 1st base.  Somehow, "Madi McGuire" turned into MAD DOG!  Now, almost everyone calls her MAD DOG during softball games….some have even shortened it to DOG, which drives Grandma crazy!  It is not uncommon to hear a parent (even another Mother) cheer "Let’s go Dog" from the stand when Madi is up to bat, or even pitching!  Carl even calls her "DOG" away from the field…..which I must admit, drives me crazy sometime!  I worry that people don’t know that is her nickname!  LOL!

Anyway, Madi’s team Utah Sting traveled to Boise this past weekend to play in a tournament.  They did AWESOME, going undefeated into the championship game, beating our new rivals "The Sooners" during bracket play.  Unfortunately, the Sooners met us in the championship game (they won the "losers bracket"), and ended up beating us for the 2nd weekend in a row.  BUMMER!  They are one of those teams, that just tend to rub you the wrong way.  I hope we don’t meet up with them again, anytime soon!

MAD DOG was AWESOME!  She has been nursing a broken toe, and has been unable to pitch for the last 3 weeks, but they started her out slow this weekend.  She pitched in part of 2 games and then pitched in the championship game.  She did so well!  You would have never known that she had a three week break from pitching!  GO MADI!  She looked as strong as ever!  Madi had a great tournament at the plate as well, hitting a monster double in the championship game that started a rally for us, and also hitting an RBI that tied the game.  SOOOOO COOL!

We arrived home LATE Sunday night, Madi had one day rest and then it was off to practice and a pool party at one of her teammates house today.  Tomorrow is another off day, due to the holiday, but the State Tournament begins on Thursday.  GO STING!

L to R: Kim, Madi, Megan, Bree and Lexi ~ Madi’s best friends on the team.


I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Madi’s team has 9 or 10 different uniforms, 3 different batting helmets, and 3 different pairs of cleats….He coach is a freak about things matching….LOL!  This is a picture of the "Cammo" uniforms….Madi is #25



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