I *heart* Baseball!



Our trip to San Diego was AWESOME!  We left just after Tyson’s last final and hopped on the plane.  Unfortunately, Tyson wasn’t feeling so well, and spent most of the flight and that night shivering and shaking with a high fever, headache and earache!  Yuck!  As soon as we checked into the hotel, Tyson took a nap while I went in search of a grocery store to find some meds.  After a nice nap and some good meds, Tyson was feeling well enough to meet some friends for dinner in the hotel restaurant.  He got to bed early and had a good night sleep.  Saturday was spent at the ball field…..this ballfield:


It is kind of hard to tell….because of the "June Gloom", but the outfield looks out over the ocean.  It was sooooo beautiful!  Tyson spent the morning being timed on his 60 yd. run, his arm velocity from the outfield, his batting style, and his catching ‘pop time’.  He still wasn’t feeling 100%, but he still did well.  By about 2pm, his fever had broken and it was time to play some games.  He played on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon.  We had about 4 hours of free time on Sunday morning, so we decided to take a trip to Coronado Island  It was BEAUTIFUL!  We spent some time walking along the beach in the ocean, searching for shells for Madison and just relaxing.  What a beautiful place!  We made it home late Sunday night….well early Monday morning! 

While T and I were in San Diego, Madi and Carl were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  They had a great time and the Utah Sting did well and won a bunch of games, but they ended up losing early on Saturday morning…..so Carl and Madi were able to get home at a reasonable time on Saturday night.  Sadly, Madison broke her toe while she was warming up to pitch on Saturday morning.  She had to miss both games on Saturday morning.  The team was supposed to leave for Cedar City, Utah on Monday morning for the Utah Summer Games, but Madi had to stay home…..she needs to stay off her toe for as least two weeks, or it will never heal and she will continue to break it!  What a bummer!  Even though Tyson got sick and Madi broke her toe….I think a great time was had by all of us! 


2 thoughts on “I *heart* Baseball!”

  1. Melissa C - June 19, 2007 4:50 pm

    So sorry to hear about Madi’s toe – ouch!! 🙁 and Tyson being sick also 🙁
    Sounds like a great trip though – love that beach photo!!

  2. kkt - June 30, 2007 7:05 pm

    what an awesome picture!!!


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