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Dance Concert…..was so COOL!  We missed Thursday night’s performance due to Madi’s confirmation (which was much more important), but we got to see Friday night and Saturday night.  It was awesome!  My two favorite pieces were the two that Tyson was in…of course!  The dance concert was called "Moments" and each piece was based on a certain ‘moment’ that the coreographer had or remembered.  The first piece that Tyson was in was called Buoyancy.  The ‘moment’ was the first time the coreographer floated on the Great Salt Lake.  It was a ‘lifting’ piece, which meant that the boys were all lifting their partners in all kinds of complicated lifts over their heads, etc.  It was very cool.  The girls were wearing flowing white outfits and the boys were all in shades of blue….(lake colors).  They had some awesome photos of the piece, which I hope to get copies of soon.  The second piece that Tyson was in is a traditional piece in Dance Concert every year…They unofficially call it "Couples".  It is the piece that all of the junior and senior boys want to be in, and hope they get asked by a girl to be their partner.  This year the theme of the piece was "Movie Moments", loosely based on 80’s movies.  They were split into two large groups.  The first group did a couples dance themed after the movie FAME.  Then all of the boys did their own dance ala "Blues Brothers"…it was hilarious!  Tyson’s couples group did a "Dirty Dancing" themed dance.  Too cute!  Then the girls all came out and did their own dance from Napoleon Dynamite! OMG!  Too funny!  The piece ended with everyone on stage dancing to Austin Powers!  It great!  We laughed and laughed and laughed!  I should have some pretty funny pictures to share in the next week or so.  I don’t know if other schools include boys in their dance concert, but I loved seeing all of the big athletes in the school dancing!!!! At Judge Memorial it is the ‘COOL’ thing to do for the guys!  Tyson had the best time and despite all of the rehearsal time, early mornings, running from basketball or baseball practice to dance practice, it was worth it.  Yesterday he told me he was sad that it was all over!  Since they didn’t allow cameras or videos in the actual preformance, I didn’t get any photos of my own.  But I did get a few pictures of Tyson with this partners after the performance on Saturday night.  The first one is Tyson and Ellie, his partner in the lifting piece.  The second one is Tyson and Erin, his partner in the couples dance.  Each girl has already asked if Tyson will be her partner again next year!  He said yes, of course! 




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  1. Christina - March 28, 2007 12:01 pm

    Wish our school did something like that! Tommy was the emcee at the battle of the bands last week, and did a great job.


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