It’s Tuesday.  Again.  Ü  A lot going on….Madison’s Confirmation Mass this Thursday night, baseball season has begun (a trip to Gunnison (?) ) last weekend for a tournament, Dance Concert this weekend (T is in two pieces Ü )….weather has been beautiful (I’ve started my summer tan), hosted BONCO at my house…..  Lot’s of stuff!

Here are some random photos (If Typepad cooperates)

Madi pitching in Mesquite a few weeks ago:


This is what Tyson looks like every night after baseball practice (ice on his knees, hip and shoulder)


Judge Memorial Baseball Team after winning the Gunnnison Tournament last weekend (I have no idea why Tyson is in the bad BEHIND everyone! Nerd!):


Easter goodies I gave as favors at Bonco:


That’s it….Pretty exciting, eh? LOL!  I’ll have some cutie patootie photos of Madi after confirmation on Thursday night…and then some photos of Tyson at Dance Concert….He is in a ‘lifting’ piece (where the strong boys lift the girls), and then a ‘couples’ piece. The theme of ‘couples’ is 80’s movies.  He and his partner are in a group dancing to "Dirty Dancing"….then just the boys have something to "Blues Brothers", and then the everyone ends with some "Austin Powers" thing….  Should be FUNNY! 

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. laura - March 21, 2007 10:07 pm

    hey girl! sounds like everything is busy and good! just wanted to say HI! 🙂


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