Triple Crown World Series….


3_world_series_logo_06_1 The Triple Crown World Series for fastpitch softball is going on this week, here in Utah (Thank God, no long distance travel for this tournament!) in Park City.  The Opening Ceremonies and pin trading happened yesterday, with pool play beginning today.  The Utah Sting played this morning at 8:30 against the Oregon Riptide (we tied), and then again at 10:30 against the Arizona Americans (we WON).  It was soooooooo hot and humid!  The poor girls were exhausted and overheated!  But they did great!  We play again tomorrow and then tournament play will begin on Thursday.  So far, the girls have done great and are having a fun time. We have a busy week of softball ahead of us….and 4 baseball games for Tyson.  It’s a typical week for the Moll Family!!!! Ü

In other news…… I have something going on with my back!  I was bending over shaving my legs in the shower on Monday morning when I felt a horrible burst of pain in my lower back.  Since then, I have had a hard time walking, sitting, standing and sleeping!  I spent yesterday afternoon at InstaCare, without getting any real answers.  The "possible" diagnosis, is a lower back strain, or maybe kidney stones.  UGH!  They gave me a nice little shot in my tush (ouch!) which was a high dosage of an anti-inflamatory, and sent me home with prescriptions for a muscle relaxant, pain pill, and more anti-inflamatories.  So far, NONE of the pills have helped!  What is up with that?  The pain pill takes the edge off the pain, but it is still there.  Anyone have any experience with lower back pain like this?  I have strained my back before, and this pain feels much different….more "inside" me.  Does that make sense?  I hope it eases up soon……  Good thoughs for me??? Ü

Happy Tuesday!  (where do the days go?)


4 thoughts on “Triple Crown World Series….”

  1. jean - July 18, 2006 4:56 pm

    OUCH! So sorry youre in pain. I know back pain is suppose to be the worst. Cant believe the pills arent helping..whats up w/that?!?
    Take care! Sending you a get well hug!

  2. marlo - July 18, 2006 11:00 pm

    So sorry you are in such pain. Praying that you get to feeling better really soon.

  3. Christina - July 19, 2006 7:52 am

    My experience with back pain is to stay in bed, all day long. I know this will be hard for you, but the only way a back gets better is if it’s rested. Feel better soon. xoxo

  4. Lisa - July 19, 2006 4:09 pm

    Good luck with the back pain while watching all of the kid’s games. Hang in there.


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