A cool gift and a crafty daughter….


Last week, our friends the Meske’s, dropped off the COOLEST gift for Tyson.  The Meske’s have a son named Chad who is a senior at Judge this year.  Chad has driven Tyson to school everyday for the last year and a half.  He is just an awesome kid.  The summer before Tyson’s freshman year, he was eligible to play summer baseball with the high school team.  Chad made sure he took Tyson under his wing and definitely looked out for him.  It has been that way ever since.  Awesome, awesome kid.  Anyway, after the football banquet, the Meske’s called to say they had a gift for Tyson since he was named JV MVP.  This is what they brought over: 000_0579

How cool is that?  The rock is pretty big and is sitting on our porch right now!  Cool!  We love all things BULLDOGS! I just had to share!

On another note…… I walked upstairs the other night to see what Madi was up to.  She kept grabbing paper out of my ‘scraps’ drawer, and taking other miscellaneous scrap supplies up to her room.  Come to find out, she is making music CD’s for all of her friends for Christmas, and she has been decorating the CD jewel cases.  Pretty creative, I thought! 



4 thoughts on “A cool gift and a crafty daughter….”

  1. Denise - December 5, 2005 10:29 am

    That is such an awesome gift! What thoughtful neighbors you have!
    It looks like you have a scrapper on your hands there. What cool gifts for Madi to give to her friends.

  2. marlo - December 5, 2005 4:16 pm

    Oh, I love that rock. We have rocks like that all over our yard and Tiffani has wanted to paint them. I just want to get rid of them. LOL What a great idea. I love it. What a nice gift, thoughtful and unique.
    Madi is learning from the best!! Before long she’ll be hogging all your stuff and really blowing your mind. What fun gifts and again, very thoughtful of her. Just like her mama!!!

  3. Lisa - December 5, 2005 8:57 pm

    Cool Rock!!
    And Madi is just like her Mom!

  4. Melissa C - December 6, 2005 5:33 am

    That rock is cool – did they make it themselves?
    I also like Maddie’s cd’s – very creative!


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