High school basketball tryouts are happening now.  Right now.  I’m nervous.  Does anyone else get crazy nervous when their kids are doing stuff like this?  Tyson is a sophomore.  He made the freshmen team last year.  This year he has the option of trying out for varsity or sophomore.  The JV team is comprised of players from the varsity team and the sophomore team.  I think he is going to tryout for the varsity team just for the ‘heck of it’.  For the experience.  To scrimmage against the big boys.  Most of his friends were doing the same.  The soph tryouts and the varsity tryouts are being held at the same time.  If they are cut from varsity today, they go to soph tryouts tomorrow.  I’m nervous.  He should make the sophomore team.  But you never know.  Speaking of Tyson…. he brought home his sophomore pictures last week.  The first ones were horrendous.  He looked very strange! Ü  Got retakes and they’ll do.  (Gotta love that football helmet rubbing his forehead and aggravating the breakouts!) I was gonna try and photoshop his forehead, but I don’t know how! Oh well!  The joys of being a teenager!  Hopefully, Madi’s retakes will turn out good too!Tyson2005


2 thoughts on “Nervous…..”

  1. marlo - November 8, 2005 12:34 am

    Awww, what a handsome young man. I like Tyson’s pic. He has a great smile. Keeping Tyson in my prayers that he makes the cut for bball. How fun!!!

  2. Denise - November 8, 2005 8:18 am

    He’s a cutie Ali! I’ll send good vibes that he makes the varsity team. My bil & sil are both going through tryouts now too!


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