Congrats to the UTAH STING! They played in their 100th game of the year last night!  They won the Fall League Championship last night beating their opponent 15-2!  Go Sting!  Madi pitched the first half of the game and did awesome!

Congrats Tyson’s team played in their last JV football game of the year.  So sad.  It was the last game played on the current field/stadium.  The stadium is scheduled to be torn down and rebuilt in the next few weeks.  Sad.  Good news though ~ Judge beat Park City 33-7.  It was a great game, but our rivalry is so heated that it got very ugly in the 4th quarter.  The ref threw out one of the Park City players which makes him ineligible for the varsity game tonight.  The PC coach was furious.  The PC coaches refused to shake hands with our players and our coaches.  The complained that we were trying to run up the score as well.  Hello? 33-7 is running up the score?  They beat us 56-0 last year.  Crazy.  Anyway, tonight the varsity game is AT Park City.  The fans will be ruthless.  Last year several PC students were shirtless and painted gold crosses with lines through them on their chests.  Our principal compained to the PC principal.  Unfortunately, he didn’t see anything wrong with it.  Sad.  Tonight is a must win situation for us.  If we win, we are in the state playoffs.  If we lose, we are done.  Here’s hoping that we win!

Still no word on the interview, except that it went well.  I should know more by the first part of the week.  Possibly a second interview.  Happy Thursday everyone!


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  1. Denise - October 21, 2005 7:37 am

    Congrats to Madi & her team! That is awesome! (love the pic. by the way). Isn’t it so sad how brutal school sports can be sometimes? I hope your son’s varsity team can pull off a win tonight. They deserve it if PC is going to act that way.


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