Finally, it’s Friday!  Woo Hoo!  What a LONG, LONG week.  Work has been crazy, busy and just plain unbearable.  yuck.  Every single night was occupied with one of the kids activities…. either practice or a game.  Last night Tyson had a game in Heber City against Wasatch.  Last year Wasatch beat us badly.  It wasn’t even a game.  We only saw the 1st half as we spent the 2nd half at the Heber City Hospital getting Tyson’s finger x-rayed.  He shattered it.  UGH.  Painful.  But, in true Tyson fashion, he didn’t let it stop him from playing.  He continued on with the season just like nothing happened.  Anyway, back to yesterday.  We won.  It was a good game.  Not even a competition really.  It was nice.  After the 45 min. drive back down the canyon, I spent the next 6 hours (til 1:00 am) setting up for our annual fall luncheon at church.  I’m beat today.  BUT… it is Friday!  And Friday means varsity football.  Our last home game of the season.  And it is senior night.  We have some of the most awesome seniors this year.  One in particular.  Chad Meske.  He took Tyson under his wing the summer before last.  When T was just an incoming freshman playing baseball with the big boys.  He has always looked out for Tyson.  Great kid.  Chad even drives T to school every morning.  We’ll definitely miss him next year.  He is just awesome.

Carl and Madi headed off to Las Vegas this morning.  Madi’s softball team UTAH STING is playing in a tournament down there.  Because of the luncheon tomorrow for me, and the football game tonight for T, we both had to stay home.  Which is totally fine.  I get to do the St. George trip in November with Madi.  Girls weekend.  Boys get to stay home.

Hmmmmm….. I may get to do some scrapping this weekend.  After the luncheon tomorrow, my weekend is wide open.  Yea!  Carl and Madi won’t get home until late Sunday night.  Maybe Tyson will actually go to a movie with his Mom.  It’s a possibility. 

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend!  This should be the last semi-warm weekend for us.  I think we are supposed to cool down next week.  Fall is here!


3 thoughts on “TGIF!”

  1. Jean - October 7, 2005 4:53 pm

    TGIF is right! I feel the same way.
    Sure hope you get some scrapping in!! Have a great weekend Ali!

  2. shauna - October 8, 2005 3:46 pm

    hi ali! sorry i’ve been away so long! like you…i’m drowning in kids activities and work! i just came up for air! i haven’t updated my blog in AGES! i’ve missed keeping tabs on you and yours! sounds like the game went well and i’m sure the luncheon will be a big hit!

  3. Denise - October 10, 2005 7:43 am

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Hope it was a good one! :o)


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