A Book Recommendation


Book_1  This book was recommended to me by several people in the last few weeks.  I picked it up last Friday and the minute I opened it up, I couldn’t put it down.  It is not a ‘pretty’ book by any means.  It is a very real book that documents the six weeks the author spends in rehab.  I loved it.  I admit parts of the book were very hard to read, and a few tears were shed, but it was worth it.  Pick it up and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “A Book Recommendation”

  1. Katherine - October 4, 2005 11:20 am

    Oh ali – thanks for the recommendation. I rarely read books other people recommend (I love going to the book store to pick them out myself) but this one sounds good (and I love oprah selections)

  2. Christina - October 4, 2005 3:12 pm

    I really have heard alot about this book so I think I might be making a trip to Borders to pick it up 🙂 Thanks for the comments on my blog 🙂 – It’s nice to meet you…

  3. Melissa Caligiuri - October 5, 2005 3:18 pm

    I read both of Frey’s books in a matter of days – 2 of the best books I have ever read (and I read a LOT)!!

  4. Jean - October 6, 2005 11:19 am

    oh good, I’m dying to read this!


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