Drama, Drama, Drama!


Phew!  I am so glad that Homecoming and all the drama surrounding it is over!  First off, the Bulldogs beat Ogden 47-9!  It was a great game and tons of fun.  Tyson played well and even go in on some offense plays in the 4th quarter.  He had two good runs, earning a 1st down even.  Halftime brought a “streaker”, which was hilarious.  Except for the fact that it was a friend of Tyson’s and his parents were mortified.  His Mom is the principal of the grade/middle school that the boys attended and Madi is still attending.  I think his Mom was embarrassed beyond belief. 

Saturday brought the Homecoming Dance and drama of course.  Most of the girls were getting ready at the same house, so all of the boys were meeting there to pick up their dates.  Tyson (with his date) was the first boy to arrive.  The girls immediately made Sydney feel very comfortable and took time to include her.  As the boys began to arrive, the moms began assembling everyone for group pictures.  There were 11 couples in all.  Just as we were getting ready to get everyone off to dinner, I notice that the ex-girlfriend (AND HER PARENTS) are walking down the sidewalk to join the group.  What is up with that?  11 couples and one stag girl?  I just shook my head and pulled Tyson aside to make sure he knew to keep away from her and to especially make sure that Sydney was not uncomfortable.  Tyson had a great time with Sydney , but would have made different plans had he known the ex was going to show up. The ex cried in the limo when a slow song came on, and cried at the dance as well as at the after party.  What do I do about this?  Any ideas?  I’m at my wits end!  Ugh! 

In more exciting sports news….. Madi’s softball team won their first 14u Tournament over the weekend (they are only 12)!  Yea Sting!  Madi was the winning pitcher in the Championship game and did so well!  Go Madi!



6 thoughts on “Drama, Drama, Drama!”

  1. Carl - September 19, 2005 11:35 am

    Great Layout!
    I Love You!!!!

  2. Katherine - September 20, 2005 11:26 am

    Oh how fun! and the streaker is too funny. I’m not sure about the ex-gf. That is tough.

  3. Jean - September 20, 2005 12:30 pm

    Too funny about the streaker! I’d be mortified too..but it is funny! I feel bad for Tyson and the stuff going on w/the ex gf.
    Why does life have to be so complicated! Not sure how I would deal…When I get there, you’ll be a pro and can give me advice!
    Love the layout, ali!!!

  4. Melissa Caligiuri - September 20, 2005 5:25 pm

    I really feel for your son. What the heck is up with that ex-girl friend?! Drama is right!!
    Congrats on both wins.

  5. marlo - September 21, 2005 1:05 am

    What a sweet pic of Tyson and his date. I’m glad that he found a nice girl to go with him. It really stinks that his ‘x’ is being such a witch. And the parents to boot!! Ugh!! I hate high school drama. Thank goodness Val is finished. I have a few years to rest. LOL miss ya!

  6. shauna - September 21, 2005 7:25 pm

    great photos! tyson sure is a cutie patootie!!! congrats to him and maddie for their sports accomplishments!


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