Prayers and more Prayers!


So many prayers going out to all of those being affected (effected?) by Hurricane Katrina!  I just can’t believe the devastation.  It is really hard to wrap my brain around it all.  And really, no words really seem adequate in this situation.  I’m at a loss.  It is almost incomprehensable.  I will continue to pray that God gives all involved the HOPE, STRENGTH, and PERSEVERANCE to endure this disaster.


One thought on “Prayers and more Prayers!”

  1. shauna - August 31, 2005 8:52 pm

    omg the images on tv and in the newspaper are just haunting. i can’t even begin to imagine. the radio station here is having a canned food drive and they will drive to our house to pick up stuff, so i’m going to clean out my pantry and give them every last can i have. it breaks my heart to think of all of those people in that heat and humidity and in those treacherous conditions, just waiting for some help. i pray that they get to safety soon and that they reunite with their loved ones. rebuilding their lives will be challenging. it doesn’t look like new orleans will get cleaned up anytime soon.
    big hugs and thoughts across the miles going out to the south…


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