5 Random Things


Okay, so everyone has been posting 5 random things about themselves on their blogs.  SO, I guess I’ll just jump right on that bandwagon, cause frankly, I want to play too!

1)  I CANNOT curl my tongue!  How weird is that?  It must be a recessive(?) gene or something because my parents can both curl their tongues and both my kids can.  BUT….. neither my brothers nor I can.  And my kids don’t understand why I can’t.  Their like "Mom, just curl your tongue"…. like it’s that easy!  We’ll it isn’t for me!  Ü

2)  I am a Reality TV junkie!  Seriously!  I’ll watch almost anything and everything reality tv related.  Currently I am watching the following:  Big Brother 6, Laguna Beach, That 70’s House, Surreal Life, Hogan Knows Best, Celebrity Fit Club, So You Think You Can Dance, Brat Camp, Tommy Lee Goes to College, Being Bobby Brown, and School of Rock.  I think that’s it.  Although I like to watch whatever is on the Reality TV Channel too!

3)  I LOVE to iron!  It relaxes me somehow!  And I think starch is a girl’s best friend.  I can’t get enough of starch!   I think my ironing fetish is related to sitting on the bed watching my mom iron my dad’s shirts while I was growing up.  I can still smell the steam from the iron. 

4)  I LOVE to write lists!  I love the way a nicely written list looks!  I use my best handwriting and usually a colored sharpie fine point!  Now mind you… I NEVER take those lists with me on errands, or ever cross anything off my lists.  I just like writing them and the way they look.  That is pretty random AND weird, huh!

5)  Worms and snails give me serious heebie-jeebies!  Do you know what the "worm rain" is?  I can’t even go outside after it rains and there are worms all over the ground.  I’m actually getting a bit naseaus right now thinking about the "worm rain".  And if I am planting flowers or weeding and come across a worm or snail….. I’m DONE.  Can’t do it anymore.  Carl must take over!  YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!  Now my skin is all crawly!

Okay, I challenge any of you that read my blog, to either email me 5 random things about you, or if you have a blog post them there!  Go on…. you can do it!  It’s fun!


3 thoughts on “5 Random Things”

  1. Angie - August 26, 2005 9:27 am

    You know what?????? I can’t curl my tongue either.

  2. Jean - August 26, 2005 11:17 am

    I cant curl my tongue either, yet my dh and all kids can?!
    I also love lists!I love paper and pens/markers, notebooks so I am always making lists!
    Cool reading about your life Ali!!!

  3. marlo - August 29, 2005 9:40 am

    Hey Ali and Angie, I can curl my tongue!!! Next time we are together, I’ll show ya!!


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