Hi Ho, Hi Ho…..


It’s off to school they go!  Tyson to high school and Madi to middle school.  Where has the time gone?  What happened to my tow headed, rambunctious, five year old boy racing off to kindergarten full of excitement and energy?  And my shy, hesitant, leery little girl who wouldn’t let go of my hand until I sat down at her kindergarten desk with her?  They are still there, but boy have they changed and grown.  It is hard to believe so much time has passed.  Tyson, 5’10" and looking so handsome and grown up this year.  Gone are the days of walking him to his classroom door.  Now I just drop him off at carpool with a quick hug and kiss and the call of "Have an awesome day!"  Of coruse, he is a sophomore now, and this high school thing is nothing new anymore.  I’m sure as he walked through the doors of the high school this morning he thought "I’m so glad I’m not a freshman anymore!"  And Madi….. I remember the days I was "allowed" to get out of the car with her and snap a few photos of her in front of the school.  In her school uniform.  Soooo cute!  We laughed and remembered this morning as I dropped her off.  There were so many cute kindergartners with their parents in front of the school taking pictures.  I miss those days!  This year I dropped Madi off in car-line…. she looked so cute with her hair done "just so"…. and her "skater" backpack and "skater" shoes!  Her only individuality in a school full of uniforms and dress codes.

And so they are off… to school.  And I feel sorta sad.  They are growing up.  Each new school year means they are another year older and another year closer to leaving the nest.  I am happy for them and happy with the individuals they are becoming!  And I hope they have the best school year yet!

I wonder what they are doing right now?  What class are they in?  Do they like their teachers?  Are there any cute new kids?  Are they happy?  Do they miss me, like I  miss them?


4 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho…..”

  1. Carl - August 24, 2005 10:08 am

    Hey Allison,
    I miss those days as well.
    A lot of good times ahead though.
    Your scrapbooks keep the memories…..Thank you
    I love you

  2. marlo - August 24, 2005 5:49 pm

    Okay Ali, you’ve got me crying!! I’m thinking of how fast it was that Val went from this tiny little shy thing to this young mature girl that is on her own and not really needing me anymore. It’s very sad, but happy at the same time. Before long, we’ll be grandma’s sharing all the wonderful little things our grandbabies do. God, could you imagine? Hope you had a great day knowing that your babies are safe and learning.

  3. Jean - August 24, 2005 6:03 pm

    Oh my..you brought tears to my eyes, ali!
    Hope the kids had a great day!! Time goes by so fast, we just have to savor each moment with our kids.
    Youre a great Mom and I’m sure they missed you!!

  4. shauna - August 27, 2005 11:00 am

    this is so funny! i just posted an entry on my blog with the same title “hi ho hi ho” but it was in refernence to work, and then i came here to check out your new posts and i see your title! i swear i didn’t copy you!!!! lol
    my kids don’t go back to school until sept. 7th! we’ve got one more week of summer!
    i can’t believe how fast kids grow up. it’s scary. i don’t remember time going that fast for me when i was a kid. wow!!
    they are both beautiful, talented kids. you’ve done good!!!!


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