Tag, you’re it!


Just a quick post to show you a tag I did for Donna Downey’s blog layout.  It isn’t the greatest….. just my blog addy, my pic and a few phrases.  It was fun to do though…. and how cool to have my tag be included in Donna’s blog album! Cool!Tag  The colors look way more neon and bright than they are in real life.  Why do scans do that?


4 thoughts on “Tag, you’re it!”

  1. NIc Howard - August 23, 2005 1:01 am

    This is very cool Ali, I’d love to do something similar, but I have no idea how many people read my blog! lol.
    thanks for stopping by, I love seeing your name!

  2. Faye - August 24, 2005 3:03 am

    Very cool Ali, I don’t understand where it is going to be, will it be published? Is there a DD blog book? 🙂 I can’t wait to get her little album book, I guess you have it, is it great? I’ve had fun reading your blog, well I guess not fun with all of it it, it’s hard reading these blogs sometimes, it’s like reading a very personal diary. Sort of strange. Anyway just saying Hi! Hope you and Carl and the kids are all good and work doesn’t leave you on the front desk on your own for to long.

  3. marlo - August 24, 2005 5:51 pm

    Very cool tag. I love it. I too hate that scanners distort the colors. Makes me mad. But I love your tag and the pp is so cool.

  4. jean - August 25, 2005 8:53 am

    Great tag, Ali!
    Bet the colors are even cooler in real life!


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