Let the games begin!


The high school football season officially begins in …..1 hour and 47 minutes….

WOO HOO!  GO BULLDOGS!  I am so excited for this year!  Tonight is the first varsity game and the first time Tyson will play as a starter.  This year will be tougher for him as far as playing time goes.  Last year the freshmen had their own team and Tyson got a lot of playing time.  He led the team in TD’s with 7.  It was a great year and he was chosen to "dress" for 5 varsity games including an "away" game.  He played 6 downs in the last varsity game of the season and was one of three freshmen to earn a varsity letter.  Fastforward to this year. He is a sophmore and must play JV or varsity.  The team has a lot of talented juniors and seniors ahead of Tyson, so his playing time will be limited to starting special teams on varsity and then more playing time with the JV team.  Nevertheless, Tyson has commited himself to try hard each and every practice, so if the time comes when they may need him at running back or linebacker, he will be ready! 

I think my favorite times over the last few years is sitting at a ball game or cheerleading competition watching my kids do their thing!  I just can’t think of anyplace that I would rather be.  They are growing up so fast and I want to treasure every possible minute with them.  Tyson will be getting his drivers license in the next few months.  It makes me sad!  Even though it will be great not to have to drive him around everywhere (since his high school is 15-20 minutes away), I will miss our car talks.  It is one of the few times that we can talk uninterrupted and I love it.  I find out more things during car rides than any other time.  Another thing I will miss is driving carpool!  Oh my!  Those boys say the funniest things!  Especially the boys that don’t belong to me!  As I’m sure my boy does in other cars!  I love it and will miss it for sure!

Okay… football starts in 1 hour and 35 minutes!

Wish us luck! GO BULLDOGS!



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